Visiting the Studio Information

We ask that members book the classes online, you are not be able to visit the studio without pre-booking.


Different Styles of Classes

We offer something for everyone with an choice of distinctly different Yoga styles in the classes to suit personal preferences/needs. Our basics are perfectly tailored for the novices or more challenging classes for those whom have a established practice. Please ask us if you’re uncertain of which classes to choose, we’re happy to help.

Dynamic Hatha Yoga Practice yoga the right way, for optimum results. Postures are held for a longer duration and incorporates attentive breathing techniques to focus the alignment and precision within the postures. Using the props such as blocks and belts for assistance, these classes are open to all levels and completely removes the guesswork, giving you a foundation for success.

Pure Yoga is just that; a sweet Hatha Yoga class taught at a slower pace. This is a satisfying class that uses all the rich tools of Yoga with intelligently sequenced postures, combining integrated pranayama (breath work).It’s a playful and welcoming class, for the curious, building breath capacity, balance and strength. It is appropriate for a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, with effective simple Asana.
Come away feeling ready to thrive of the mat.

Back Care Yoga strength is in its diversity as this session is designed to ease tension in your back as well as the hips. There is no single philosophy, rule book, or sequence to follow, so there is a lot of room for individual personalities and quirks to come through, especially with a teacher you enjoy and can relate to.  This class is a great therapeutic activity to help strengthen back muscles and alleviate low back pain.

Hatha Hour harmonizes your mind and body, this basic style helps to reduce stress, tension and improve circulation. All the of postures practiced will be familiar to anyone with some experience of yoga, but will also be fine for beginners. Perfect for refining the body’s balance to increased strength, balance, flexibility and is an ideal way to set up the rest of the day.

Restorative Yoga is designed to provide a restful and restoring experience, it has been described as simply “active relaxation”. The emphasis is on relaxation, but not sleep. The body is supported by props and does not work the muscles or put the joints under pressure.  In these wonderful opening positions, each person can enter into a quietened mind as they observe breath, and settle into stillness, where our body can release from tension or toxic condition. Enabling restoration of our well being, our energies can start to flow again. This style of Yoga comes into its own when a person has reached a point of deep fatigue or simply feeling fragile. A regular Yoga session would give our body a chance to rest and begin to heal in a way that can never be achieved by lying down in front of the TV and “resting” because one is tired. In these classes we allow our mind and body to find a natural state of balance. Further information can be found on our Yoga Therapy page. N:B bolsters are used in this class therefore a towel is required for hygiene, either bring your own or hire for £1 fee. 

Yin Yoga develops inner awareness and serenity as you ease into reclined or seated postures. Holding these prop-supported and healing poses will unravel areas of tension in your body. Allowing you to experience deep relaxation, increased flexibility and an open heart. Practicing yoga in this way is remarkably rejuvenating for the body, mind and heart, enhancing your life by welcoming you back to you body, release habitual tension and encourage greater focus in the mind for the fresh week ahead. Come along and connect with yourself. N:B bolsters are used in this class therefore a towel is required for hygiene either bring your own or hire for £1 fee.

Morning Yoga Practice (week days 60 min sessions /weekends 90 min sessions). These are deep practice session including Nauli Kriya, therefore please check eligibility with the studio before booking. Great for the experienced practitioner a quintessential Yoga wake up, an uplifting start to your day.
note :- Multi class pass discount available, view the memberships tab for more info. Our class cancellation policy is 24 hours prior thanks.

Andiappan Yoga a traditional South Indian Hatha style, which pragmatically exploring the healing effects of yoga. This is a challenging classical yoga series, uses dynamic rebounding warm ups, which dramatically increasing range of motion, athleticism, and mobility. Therefore conditioning and reorganize our bodies into being supple and reactive. This Style also incorporates a variety of Yoga breathing techniques, sun salutation and has an progressive approach towards the Yoga postures, which is a valuable way of learning. Students following the class theme, the teacher supports you individually with prompting to assist and may manually adjust, actively teaching and introducing new asana for you to master. Physically challenging and mentally intense, this is a style that can shake the very core of your existence. It will challenge your body, the ego and nudges you out of your comfort zone. In effect redefine your illusions about your “safe limits” and introduces you to your potential, training you to be present and conscious even amidst intense crisis, over time, you will see a development and natural practice emerge.

Pavanamuktasana Series (Andiappan method). A traditional Indian joint releasing, facial conditioning method and much more than just flexibility. This reconditions the fascia to increase mobility, balance, reflexes and proprioception which restores the youthful bounce that we lose as we get older, great preparation to take your asana practice to new levels. If you like having things a little loose and unpredictable and like to keep moving, regardless of your ability this style is definitely worth a try.

Yoga Mentor/ Teacher training  Our preparation for teaching and teacher development program. This is an advanced and comprehensive development session for the experience, with an ever changing focus,  learn to work deeply, connecting with those dull areas, both physiologically and physically, elevating both your knowledge and practice. Expect advanced Kriya’s, Pranayama and Asana development techniques. Please note that theses sessions are booked by invitation only, as a regular practice with the teacher is required prior.


(Multi class pass discount available, view the memberships tab for the class fees info) 

N:B Cancellation- 24 hrs.’ notice is required for cancellation of single sessions.

If a cancellation is made outside the 24hr window, a class credit is allocated to the membership valid for 10 days, or returned to the members credit pack  please note that the class credits are non refundable. 

Missed sessions without appropriate notice will be charged as if attended.

The multi class packages are non refundable and non extendable. 

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.