Awaken Your Mind and Spirit at

the Heart of Yoga Studio

We are committed to evolving our programs and develop our teachings. After all transformation is our business. We strive to create an environment where everybody has the opportunity to embrace personal development.

Here at The Heart of Yoga we support and innovate, in terms of the way students are shaped and continue to shape their practice, enhancing personal growth.

The Studio Open for Personal Yoga sessions and the Classes booking portal is now open.

We are excited to announce that the Studio group Classes recommence Monday 17th May and the online booking portal is now open to enable you to reserve a place for the classes Starting 17th May.

The current 25% discount on Studio private 1-1 sessions offer run until 24th May.

To take advantage of the Personal session offer, please do email us with you optimum day/time to secure your spot.

As always if you have any questions and would like to speak with one of our team members then don’t hesitate to Telephone or email :