Beginners Courses

The Perfect introduction to yoga with trained experienced teachers in our studio.

Step 1

Start by signing up to one of our 6-week course
Where you’ll learn the basics in a safe fun environment

Step 2

Following the beginners course we have a series of classes to develop and practice what you’ve learnt

What expect on the 6 Week introduction course.

You will gain a foundation in general principles of yoga.

Introducing basic poses, attentive breathing, and how to enjoy some deep relaxation.

You will practice alongside those of similar ability, no need to bring anything, just your bare feet, comfy and loose fitting clothing along with a willing attitude!

By the end of course you’ll have strong grounding in essential principles of yoga and knowledge to choose from our timetable appropriately for further development.

Beginners Yoga Courses

Spring 2019 

Starting Thursday  4th April – 9th May  7:00pm – 8:15pm

A 6 weeks course £75 fee

The Yoga induction/refresher course provides a systematic introduction to the practice of yoga postures, breathing exercises and guided relaxation.

Build a firm foundation with a refreshed mental outlook, as your strength increases and flexibility improves.

Learn about the benefits of practice, explore of the importance of yogic breathing techniques, proper relaxation, to balance and strengthen your immune system.

This course is the perfect foundation to get the most out of attending our open classes.


Beginners 2nd Module

May 2019

Starting Saturday 16th May – 20th June  7:15pm – 8:30pm

A 6 weeks course £75 fee

The follow on module to refine the techniques learnt on the induction course.

This course will improving on your understanding of practice and progresses the growth of deep awareness of your body, building stamina, increasing tone and concentration.

Helping you cultivate an clarity among life’s challenges.

N:B the studio cancellation policy:  for a course or workshops is no less than 14 days  prior, please refer to our membership registration for more detail .