Personal Yoga Sessions

  • Cannot find the time to attend scheduled classes
  • Prefer to practise in own space without distractions
  • At a plateau in your yoga practise
  • Recovering from injury or illness
  • Need to focus on specifics, body areas, anxiety or goals (e.g. weight loss)

Give Your Body a Gift

In private sessions, you’ll have opportunity to truly focus on your own practice and tune into want your body needs.

Whether you’re a newcomer to yoga, experienced or have a specific health requirement?

Working closely with the teacher to create a bespoke tailor made session to your specific needs

Traditionally Yoga was taught one to one and whether a weekly necessity or an occasional indulgence. It’s the perfect way to address, your personal need with intention and really make the practice work for you.

We’re happy for you share your class with a guest if you wish.

Private tuition in the comfort of your own home/office

A yoga instructor to your door, convenient, private yoga.

Sessions for busy people who prefer personal guidance to develop their practice.

We can create a memorable yoga experience you can gift to your family or friends.

A Mother’s Day, one to one wellness session.

Anniversary, whether is your first year or 50th, celebrate your relationship together in mind,body and spirit.

Party, Bachelorette, Birthday or otherwise, we’ll create an open and energising atmosphere for a fun group experience regardless of age or level.