Some years ago, I hit 60 with a chronic back ailment and lacking any flexibility in my joints.  So, I joined Graeme and Caroline’s yoga classes.  Now in my mid 70s I am fitter, stronger and much more flexible.  It’s not a “silver bullet, quick fix”, you have to work at it, and then it will work for you!

Keith, Kenilworth

I suffered a serious prolapsed disc in my lower back seven years ago, and thought my days of playing any proper sport were over. I tried a few teachers before Graeme but with little or no improvement. Within a couple of months of one to one sessions, I learned more yoga and improved my back more than the previous eighteen months put together. Graeme’s extensive knowledge of the body’s physiology combined with his meticulous approach to yoga practice meant that he was able to tailor the sessions perfectly. As a result, I don’t even worry about my back any more and I can enjoy a number of sports to a demanding standard. I’ve also learned what yoga is really all about and I am reaping the benefits. Thank you, Graeme!

Simon, Kenilworth

I was diagnosed having two herniated degenerate discs L3 & 4, 7 years ago and with intense pain. I had spent nearly 25yrs running (incl New York Marathon in 2006) and 3 days a week in a gym with personal trainers pumping Iron !!

My specialist a Mr Mushtaque Ishaque at the Birmingham BNI, one of the leading spinal consultants in the UK that I was faced with either major surgery to fuse my vertebrae if a large epidural that I had didn’t relieve the pain or try some kind of back exercise like yoga /pilates.

I opted for the yoga purely by chance in the Health club I was a member of, where Graeme and Caroline Cheung held the classes.

I have to say (I do over 50,000miles a year in a car) what was intense pain all day and night within a few weeks was relieved!!     What went on to be, I would class as a total transformation over the last 6-7 years of 2/3 times a week Yoga (Graeme specialises in remedial work) means I now have and infact have had no pain whatsoever since the first 6 months and almost regained the flexibility I had in my 20s (I’m now 48).

Further Proof was attained when I needed an MRI for my shoulder. I asked my Consultant to check my back again at the same time, just to see the difference after 5 years or so.

There was clear evidence of considerable positive change in the condition of my inter vertebrae discs (they’ll never go back to normal) all of which is without a doubt down to Graeme excellent work and understanding of the human body.

I couldn’t speak more highly of them both and they are good fun with good no nonsense Yoga.

Nigel, Welford Upon Avon

Following a serious car accident in 2009, I was referred to Graeme though an agency for rehabilitation, with issues with my balance and general stability.  He did an excellent job and more, that I continue to see him regularly ever since. As well to my astonishment, dealt with an old crushed disc injury that I sustained 15yrs ago by alleviating the discomfort bringing relief in my neck and shoulders.

Ian, Charlescote

“The classes are great at catering to a mix of abilities and that they were a fantastic introduction for a beginner to yoga like myself. I really enjoyed the sessions and felt like I benefited a lot at the same time, both in terms of the physical benefits and for my confidence to continue with yoga in the future.”

Maria, Leamington Spa

“Excellent sessions! Who knew that you could sweat so much doing yoga? Caroline certainly challenges us to strengthen our bodies and do things that we would not have thought possible! I have found the stretching extremely beneficial and will have certainly continued with the sessions privately if I had been staying in the area. Would highly recommend Caroline to anyone.”

Eleanor, Leamington Spa

“Given I spend most of my time actively trying not to move I have absolutely loved Caroline’s sessions. It’s great for absolute beginners like me but love that she builds up over the weeks so I end up trying some more complex twists.
I fully intend on continuing next year because I’ve really enjoyed the sessions, which is in no small part due to Caroline, she is evil in the most fabulous way.”

Laura , Warwick

“I can only echo the feedback provided. I had not been to yoga before but have thoroughly enjoyed Caroline’s sessions, even if a little (or should that be a lot!) painful ! She is friendly, knowledgeable and reassuring. I like that she can give you some individual attention to show you what you really should be doing, even if having her come close has me quaking in my boots!! I like the variety of the stretches and that she can accommodate all levels of ability; no two weeks have been the same.”

Emma, Philips 66

Just a note to say thank you for the great Hen Party class, I think it hit the mark perfectly and was enjoyed by all. I’ve only really done yoga half a dozen times, but would like to do more.

Many thanks again

Racheal, Oxford