Spring 2019 Beginners Courses

We offer a Beginners/Refreshers course for those embarking on their yoga journey.

With only 10 students enrolled on each course, this an intimate learning environment, perfect for asking questions and building confidence.

This 6 week basics course will help you build a yoga practice from the ground up without any prior experience.

Learn about the benefits of practice, explore of the importance of yogic breathing techniques, proper relaxation, to balance and strengthen your immune system.

It will help you build a strong foundation in Yoga Asanas, the basic knowledge of  yoga vocabulary learn, step by step how to get in and out of a variety of yoga postures safely with healthy alignment.

This course is the perfect foundation to get the most out of attending our open classes.

Beginners/ Refreshers Course

April 2019

Starting Thursday  4th April – 9th May  7:00pm – 8:15pm

A 6 weeks course £75 fee

Beginners 2nd Module

April 2019

Starting Saturday 16th May – 20th June   7:15 pm – 8:30pm

A 6 weeks course £75 fee

The follow on module to refine the techniques learnt on the induction course.

This course will improving on your understanding of practice and progresses the growth of deep awareness of your body, building stamina, increasing tone and concentration.

Helping you cultivate an clarity among life’s challenges.


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