Diversity in your Yoga practice ?

Practicing a range of different yoga style classes provides the perfect platform to explore and tune in to the diversity of your body. You’ll give your mind a range of different applications in Yoga to notice what you find easy and what you find difficult. Learning to subtlety attune in, whereas is one style of class areas feel stiff or are more flexible and in other style of class, you feel strong or need to strengthen or perhaps unblock another.

Our own intuition often tells us through feedback we get on the mat from our body, if it’s due to a body problem rather than just down to the way we are made, or simply having a bad day. However it’s all too easy to just put off, in the hope it may just go away.

With rest the body will settle somewhat, but will not truly find its equilibrium, Yoga is about application and prompting our incredible capacity to heal/balance from within.

Its worth considering that when we practice similar style or approach in our yoga over a period of time that we favour certain areas in our minds prospective and bodies too. Consequently the inevitably imbalances build up and can to begin a cause of discomfort either during practice or most commonly the following day.

We therefore host a variety of individually different styles of Yoga classes as a solution to this. For instance our Back Care classes are a innovative and evidence based way, to improve your back health and function. Research ran by the University of York (dept. of Heath & Science) funded by Arthritis Research UK showed positive results that Yoga to be safe and effective for treatment for chronic back pain.

It’s always worth rolling out of bed on a Saturday mornings for a class, to set up the day ahead.

Learn to go deeper, in one’s Yoga practice with the Sunday evenings Yin Yoga class, by understanding some of the basic principles of movement and stretching. When we trust to really go deeper in our yoga practice, overcoming personal limitations we can feel the joy in moving stagnant energy and cultivate a real passion of practice.

Treating yourself to a Restorative Yoga session from time to time will help reset the system, both mind and body from the subtle tension we all experienced and help you learn application of effective holistic relaxation techniques.

Use the variety of styles on offer to have fun and optimize your well being.


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