Why do we Chant.

Why do we chant in yoga, firstly this was the means of carrying the knowlege down through the ages. When we write thing down, we deal with external forms. The written form is the grosset level of interpretation of oral traditions. When we chant we use our vocal apparatus to produce the sound. The process brings us into the eternal NOW. When we write, a long time lapse of time can pass between time of writing and our re reading.

All mantra can be chanted in three forms, The Vachika form(chanting externally, uttering sound) is between the likita(written) and the sublest way of approach  would be to chant them in our mind. Yet this requires full knowelege in what one is doing a yoga sutra.

When we chant, the action brings us in the present moment, as the process of chanting demards full attention, at least on a physical level. There’s is also the question of resonance or sound vibration through our cell and beyond.

Chanting evokes and invokes an universal resonance in the words.


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